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Corona/COVID-19 English

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Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, we can only offer limited services.

You a contact us by calling 14 035 or +31 35 629 20 00.


The most recent information on the current health situation, relevant advice and the safety measures which have been taken for the Corona Virus are available via the information page of the Dutch national health organization RIVM.

Information about the effect of the Corona Virus on schools, childcare facilities, employees, employers, travelers and public transportation can be found on the official Government website of the Netherlands.


Relevant information for the continuation of your business is available via the Dutch Governmental Business page. On this page, you find more information on some of the issues you may encounter, and which Dutch national organizations you can turn to for more information and advice. For example on questions such as:

  • Your company is experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus. What to do?
  • What measures have been announced by the Dutch government to help entrepreneurs?
  • How can you minimize the potential health risks for your employees?
  • You have less work for your employees. What to do?
  • Can you go on a business visit abroad?

If you are a businessowner and you need help, please contact